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The Forum for Growth and Innovation needed a logo design and received 156 Serious, Conservative, Business logo designs from 38 designers







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This is what The Forum for Growth and Innovation was looking for in their logo design

UPDATE: thank you again - these designs are fantastic, and we're really excited. I've been getting emails from designers asking whether there are any logos that really jump out at us, so we did a few searches and would like to post the following two. This is for designers submitting new designs - if you've already submitted, there's no need to worry about it (unless you really want to!)

Also, we're posting these only from a graphical point of view - not from a font point of view.

First up: Dubai International Airport

Second: Thompson Reuters

The last thing, and it's only small, but we're hoping to have a typeface that makes the name seem shorter, rather than longer than it is.

Cheers guys!


UPDATE: thank you for all the designs so far. Given the quality of the submissions, we have decided to guarantee the project and extend the … Read more