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Deal Crunch

DesignCrowd: Where SMBs Enlist the World’s Top Talent for Marketing Design Projects

Fortunately for small businesses, you don’t need to spend millions of dollars on branding to grab customers’ attention with a memorable logo, especially thanks to crowdsourcing sites like DesignCrowd. Read more

14/06/2017 | Deal Crunch

Business Review Australia

Top 10 Australian start-ups

DesignCrowd is a crowdsourcing website started in 2008 by Alec Lynch. In 2015, it hit $30 million in projects through its design platform, which acts as a virtual studio for almost 500,000 creatives and graphic designers across 165 countries. Read more

29/05/2017 | Business Review Australia

Hosting Advice

How DesignCrowd Allows Freelancers to Find Meaningful Work and Provides Companies with Crowdsourced Creativity

As with so many successful startups, DesignCrowd was started in a garage by a 20-something who saw a problem he thought he could fix. Alec Lynch sought to improve the design process by creating competition among a global network of freelance developers and designers. Read more

17/02/2017 | Hosting Advice

The Sydney Morning Herald

How I plan to win in 2017

Resolutions have been made and now's the time to make them stick. These four prominent small business people share their goals and their plans to put them into action. Read more

06/02/2017 | The Sydney Morning Herald

Hack The Entrepreneur

Transforming the Design Industry | Alec Lynch

Today, DesignCrowd has 50 staff across offices in Sydney, Manila and San Francisco, has over half a million registered designers and almost $20 million in annual revenue. Read more

20/01/2017 | Hack The Entrepreneur

Small Business Big Marketing

How to use crowdsourcing to get more done and grow your business

Who better to explain how to use crowdsourcing effectively than Designcrowd founder, Alec Lynch, the founder of Designcrowd, the world's #1 custom design marketplace; which coincidently was once a sponsor of this show. Read more

02/01/2017 | Small Business Big Marketing