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  • Sample Flyer Design
  • Sample Flyer Design
  • Sample Flyer Design
  • Sample Flyer Design

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5,649 Successful Flyer Projects

Winning Flyer Designer: Bidita Saha

Hotel representation company, Antipodal, needs a Marketing sheet

Antipodal representation needs a company portfolio listing - one sheet - marketing piece featuring each property in the portfolio. Antipodal is a hot…

Winning Flyer Designer: Bidita Saha
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  • Number of designers 9 designers
  • Number of designs 19 designs
  • Budget US$110
Winning Flyer Designer: 123graphics

CCR Line Card

We are looking for a line card to leave with potential customers. Logo on top CCR is a Colorado-based business specializing in demolition, materia…

Winning Flyer Designer: 123graphics
  • Number of designers 5 designers
  • Number of designs 15 designs
  • Budget US$290
Winning Flyer Designer: HananElGendy

Sales Flyer Design for Oregon Oils, Inc. this flyer should be bold, fun, attritive, and to the point

Our company is called Oregon Oils, Inc. We collect used cooking for restaurants. We provide container for the customer to poor the frying oil into. W…

Winning Flyer Designer: HananElGendy
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  • Number of designers 35 designers
  • Number of designs 113 designs
  • Budget US$380
Winning Flyer Designer: D Creative

Waiting Room Sign

Design a 8.5" x 11" sign for Urgent Care Waiting room with our logo colors - See example Top line: 'At Care Fast Urgent Care, th...

Winning Flyer Designer: D Creative
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  • Number of designers 28 designers
  • Number of designs 130 designs
  • Budget US$100
Winning Flyer Designer: OwnDesign

Trifold Marketing Brochure for RCCA Edison

We want a colorful single sided trifold brochure (foldable single sheet of paper) for our cancer treatment center/infusion center/hematology oncolo...

Winning Flyer Designer: OwnDesign
  • Number of designers 11 designers
  • Number of designs 37 designs
  • Budget US$100
Winning Flyer Designer: cb1318cb1318

Circus poster for family friendly circus show

We are a touring circus company. We need a new eye-catching and informative show poster to advertise our upcoming tour. See attached - Show poster b…

Winning Flyer Designer: cb1318cb1318
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  • Number of designers 31 designers
  • Number of designs 72 designs
  • Budget A$190
Winning Flyer Designer: harry7090

Capability statement for an Electrical Business based in Sydney Australia

The aim for the Capability statement is for us to look more professional when we meet someone or after cold calling and have to send them our busines…

Winning Flyer Designer: harry7090
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  • Number of designers 20 designers
  • Number of designs 53 designs
  • Budget A$110
Winning Flyer Designer: debdesign

Landscaping flier 2024

Create a 1 page flier for landscaping services 1. Must be completed in Adobe Photoshop 2. Size 8.5" x 11" (portrait layout) 3. Include logo 4. Text…

Winning Flyer Designer: debdesign
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  • Number of designers 18 designers
  • Number of designs 67 designs
  • Budget US$110
Winning Flyer Designer: pb

Elegant, High End Integrated Wellness Healthcare Practice

We need a brochure designed for an integrated mind-body wellness healthcare practice ( . This brochure will be used when we cold...

Winning Flyer Designer: pb
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  • Number of designers 26 designers
  • Number of designs 91 designs
  • Budget US$200
Winning Flyer Designer: Dzhafir

4 x 6" Double Sided Flyer Design For Marketplace Startup

Project Title: Design a 4x6" Double Sided Promotional Flyer for Lendus - An Online Rental Marketplace Project Description: We're looking for a skill…

Winning Flyer Designer: Dzhafir
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  • Number of designers 47 designers
  • Number of designs 104 designs
  • Budget C$190

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Flyer Design Q&A

What is custom flyer design and what will I get?

A custom flyer is a tangible representation of your brand - something customers can take away with them, refer back to, and use to get extra value.

Once your project is complete, you'll receive all the files you need to print your flyer. This includes vector files and a web preview file, like a JPG on PNG. Of course, you also get full legal copyright of the design.

Does my business need a custom flyer design?

Absolutely! A great flyer design can cut through a world full of digital clutter. In an age of technology, a printed flyer design can help build relationships and make people feel important.

High-quality flyer design and engaging content inspires readers to delve a little deeper, and hold on to each flyer a little longer - creating a lasting connection between your brand and your readers.

How do I get a flyer design from DesignCrowd?

That's easy. Just launch a flyer design project on DesignCrowd, select a price that fits your budget, and let our designers know a bit about what you want included.

DesignCrowd's creative community can work with you to deliver a captivating custom flyer, whether it's for promotional purposes, information, or a genuine personal touch.

What do I need to do to get my own fabulous flyer design?

Whether you're posting it out to a mailing list, or handing it out directly to potential new customers, it's important you capture interested and excitement in your brand.

Be clear and detailed in your design brief, including information about any required assets (such as logo, colors etc.) and provide constructive feedback to ensure you get what you want.

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