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  • Sample Billboard Design
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  • Sample Billboard Design
  • Sample Billboard Design
  • Sample Billboard Design
  • Sample Billboard Design
  • Sample Billboard Design
  • Sample Billboard Design

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198 Successful Billboard Projects

Winning Billboard Designer: debdesign

Smoke Shop needs a billboard design!

Hello! I need a bright and catchy billboard design for my smoke shop in MD. This billboard will be less than a half mile from our store so i really w…

Winning Billboard Designer: debdesign
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Graphic Design billboards
  • Number of designers 15 designers
  • Number of designs 51 designs
  • Budget US$110
Winning Billboard Designer: OwnDesign

Accident Law Firm Billboard Bold Easy to See Car Accidents

We need a billboard design that can catch attention in a very crowed Car Accident lawyer market. We wish to feature the phone number (407) 999-999...

Winning Billboard Designer: OwnDesign
  • Number of designers 27 designers
  • Number of designs 87 designs
  • Budget US$110
Winning Billboard Designer: cjmarquises

We need a Photoshop specialist to design our outdoor billboard sign.

We need someone to design a billboard for us that will measure 8 feet wide 4 feet tall the Billboard needs to represent our company which is Housto...

Winning Billboard Designer: cjmarquises
  • Number of designers 8 designers
  • Number of designs 24 designs
  • Budget US$190
Winning Billboard Designer: Levardos

Digital Billboard Design: Winter Sales Event

I own a boutique furniture store in Calgary, AB ( and I am looking to advertise our winter sale event on a new curved digital billb…

Winning Billboard Designer: Levardos
  • Number of designers 12 designers
  • Number of designs 31 designs
  • Budget C$130
Winning Billboard Designer: ZETA

Aggressive Appliance retailer requires a Large Billboard design.

We require a large Tall billboard design it stands 4500mm high x 2400mm across. We have our own range of imported appliances called Imprasio and we p…

Winning Billboard Designer: ZETA
  • Number of designers 17 designers
  • Number of designs 45 designs
  • Budget NZ$285
Winning Billboard Designer: Mehmet Pala

Billboard design

Rug Wash Guru, needs a new design for 10' x 40' billboard. The design picked will also be used on a 2014 white Dodge Sprinter Van. Design needs to …

Winning Billboard Designer: Mehmet Pala
  • Number of designers 13 designers
  • Number of designs 41 designs
  • Budget US$240
Winning Billboard Designer: Stumidd

Tile and Ceramic Brand Billboard Design

Hi fellow designers, We are a tile and ceramic brand located in the Middle-East with a strong standing in the market place. Our most recent efforts…

Winning Billboard Designer: Stumidd
  • Number of designers 8 designers
  • Number of designs 13 designs
  • Budget US$200
Winning Billboard Designer: Designers Hub

Deck Construction Company Billboard Design needed

We are a deck company with a 10'x32' billboard to fill with an advertisement. I'd like this ad to be 75% photo, 25% color-filled background with whit…

Winning Billboard Designer: Designers Hub
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Graphic Design billboards Designer billboards
  • Number of designers 11 designers
  • Number of designs 30 designs
  • Budget C$190
Winning Billboard Designer: Dzhafir

Brake Test Training for Coal Mining

We offer Brake Test Training for Coal Mine workers. It's a legislative requirement that workers who are tasked with performing brake testing ha...

Winning Billboard Designer: Dzhafir
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Coal Mining billboards Graphic Design billboards Outdoor Sign billboards Banner billboards
  • Number of designers 18 designers
  • Number of designs 48 designs
  • Budget A$290
Winning Billboard Designer: rkailas

Billboard For Jason Turcotte

Need a Billboard 8ft. High x 16ft. Long. Ive attached a former billboard and looking for the same thing just updated with: Chairmans Club Award L...

Winning Billboard Designer: rkailas
  • Number of designers 9 designers
  • Number of designs 49 designs
  • Budget C$100

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